* The name 'Salem' appears to have been derived from Sela or Shalya by which the term refers to the country around the hills, as in the inscriptions.  Local tradition claims Salem as the birth place of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. 
 * 18th century, after a long feud known as the Mysore-Madurai war, it came under the rule of Hyder Ali . Subsequently, Salem was taken from Hyder Ali by Colonel Wood at the beginning of 1768. 

 * It was recaptured by Hyder Ali towards the end of the year 1772. Under Lord Clive in 1799, it was again occupied by a detachment of the regiment stationed at Sankagiri Durg and remained a military station until 1861 when the troops were withdrawn.

  * One can find places like Mac Donald's Choultry renamed now as Magudanchavadi. During the times of Dheeran Chinnamalai, places like Salem and Sankagiri were the scene of battle between Kongu forces and British allied forces. 

 * The legendary Kongu chieftain Dheeran Chinnamalai was hanged infamously in the Sankagiri fort on Aadi Padhinettu day which later became the army headquarters of the British.

* Modern Theatres Ltd., a motion picture movie studio was started by Thiruchengodu Ramalingam Sundaram (aka TRS) in 1935. The studio produced over more than 150 movies until 1982 in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Sinhalese and even English of which Tamil movies were the majority.
  * The mangoes. Malgova from salem are very sweet. Also, Salem Steel Plant exports stainless steel to other countries.

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